Grassfed Burgers

$6.50 per lb.


Temporarily unavailable

Lean, healthy 1/4 lb. burgers, processed and packaged under USDA inspection and vacuum packed for freshness. You will receive four burger patties for each pound ordered. (Example: for eight burgers, enter a quantity of ‘2’). Conveniently packaged in pairs.

Grassfed Beef offers a number of health benefits, including Omega 3 Balance, rich amounts of CLA, and high levels of Vitamin A & E.

All of our beef products are sourced from our herd of Red Angus cattle and raised locally. This beef is 100% grass fed, grass finished, free range, grain free, beyond organic, ethically and humanely treated, and sustainably raised.

*Notice: We do not ship our food products. We provide locally-grown food to the local area. All orders must be picked up at the address listed on the Contact Us page. We encourage you to find local food producers in your area.

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