Pastured Chicken

Healthy, Active, Pastured Birds

We are proud to be the only farm in the area that we know of to breed and raise true heritage poultry. We maintain our own closed flock of New Hampshires, an American dual-purpose breed, for both meat and eggs. Our birds are housed in movable shelters with access to pasture every day of the year. We breed for health and vigor, and never use antibiotics, medications, or pesticides/insecticides.

Slow-Growing Chicken With Real Flavor

Our heritage meat birds are processed at 14 to 16 weeks of age. These active, slow-growing birds are raised almost entirely on pasture, producing a richer, more flavorful product that conventional poultry lacks. This is how chicken was always meant to taste, and you won’t find it in the grocery store.

Eggs from our pastured layer flock are always available self-serve from the farm.

Availability is very limited. Please see our Ordering Page for processing dates and availability.

Our Breeding Program

We are now breeding and hatching all our own chickens here on the farm. Our cockerels (young males) are processed at 14 to 16 weeks of age and produce a nice table bird, and our females are excellent layers or large brown eggs.

We are breeding for APA Standard and Production Qualities. We maintain several lines of New Hampshires to ensure enough genetic diversity and prevent detrimental inbreeding within our closed flock. Every breeding bird is given a unique Id band, and growth rates and egg production are carefully tracked. We are excited to help preserve and improve this historically important breed.

Our flock has been examined and certified by the Sustainable Poultry Network, USA.

Live Birds Available

We hatch and sell day-old chicks (straight run only), as well as hatching eggs, started pullets, and breeding pairs/trios. (Pre-ordering required)

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New Hampshire Chickens

New Hampshire Chicken

The New Hampshire Chicken is an American, dual-purpose breed that originated from generations of specialized, selective breeding from Rhode Island Reds by farmers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Focus was placed on early maturity, vigor, rapid feathering, and meat and egg production. Mature New Hamps are richly colored with chestnut red, yellow ochre, crimson and teal feathers. They were accepted as a breed by the American Poultry Association in 1935.

We select all breeding birds according to the written breed standard as defined in the APA Standard of Perfection.

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