All our meat is sold based on Retail Weight and includes processing costs. This means you pay only for the meat you receive. Please keep this in mind when comparing pricing with those who charge based on Carcass Weight or Hanging Weight. For beef and pork, hanging weight is about 50% more than the retail weight.


Grassfed Beef

9/28/2017 – Sold Out!

Pastured Pork

10/16/2017 – Sold Out!

Pastured Chicken

9/5/2017 – Limited
9/26/2017 – Limited

How To Order

Grassfed Beef

We sell freezer beef by the whole, half, or quarter (split half). Orders must be placed before slaughter.

We currently have a long waiting list for beef. We will be giving priority to our existing customers and adding new customers as beef becomes available. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

For more information please see our Beef Processing Packages or Contact Us.

Pastured Pork

We have whole and half-pig shares available for the fall of 2016. Our half-pig share is designed to give you the greatest yield and most desirable cuts available. Our pastured pork is $5.50/lb (includes processing and vacuum packaging) for what you take home and an average half-pig will yield about 75 lbs. of edible meat.

Please Contact Us to order.

How to Order:

  1. Choose an available date (above)
  2. Contact Us to reserve your pig (or half-pig)
  3. *Pick up your pork, packaged and ready, directly from the butcher

* Your pick-up date will be about a week after the butchering date

Pastured Chicken

We only sell entire chickens, either whole (roasters) or cut up (legs and thighs, wings, breast, backs). Organs and feet are also available if desired. Our heritage chickens are sold for $4.00/lb, and the average bird yields about 4 lbs. You will be billed for the actual weight you take home.

How to Order:

  1. Choose an available date (above)
  2. Decide how many chickens you want, and if you want them whole, cut-up, or some of each
  3. Contact Us to reserve your chickens
  4. Pick up your chickens fresh from the farm on butchering day!

Beef Ordering FAQ

Q. How much beef will I get?

» We sell beef by the whole, half, or quarter (split half). A typical quarter will yield about 80 lbs. of edible meat, but the actual weight will vary according to the size of the animal at slaughter.

Q. How much does it cost?

» We will bill you a simple flat rate per pound for the meat you take home. This price includes the beef, basic processing, and vacuum packaging. (Some special processing options may incur an addition charge.) Please Contact Us for current prices.

Q. How is my beef processed?

» Your beef will be flash-frozen and vacuum packed in individual cuts for maximum freshness. Each cut is clearly labelled and packed in boxes for your convenience. A typical quarter will yield about three “banana boxes”.

Q. What are my processing options?

» The biggest decision might be whether you want Porterhouses and T-Bones or Strip Steaks and Tenderloins. If you use a lot of ground beef, you can choose to have some of the roasts or other cuts made into ground beef. Chip steak, beef sticks, bologna, jerky, and sausage links are available for an additional charge. We will provide a cut worksheet with a full list of options when you place your order.

Q. How much freezer space do I need?

» A typical quarter will require 5 or 6 cubic feet of freezer space.

Q. How do I get my beef?

» We will contact you when your beef is ready for pickup. You will pick up your beef directly from the processor.

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